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Before We Begin Your Design Project
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What Kind of Site Are You Looking For?

Before you embark on a site design project for your business or organization, you will want to identify what the goals are for your site. This will determine what type of site is best for you.

The best solution for you may have aspects of several different types of sites. For example, it may offer basic brochure pages supplemented by educational content or an online order form. It may be primarily an educational site but also offer opportunities to interact with your customers. We encourage you to visit sites outside of your primary category of interest to get ideas for your site.

Online Business Cards and Brochures

These "first generation" sites offer general company information to generate qualified sales leads. Many of our sites fall into this category, and almost all of our sites include this kind of information. We find it is a solid base for businesses looking for a Web presence.


Information Delivery & Educational Sites

Many businesses supplement their sites with general information to educate their customers. Some businesses and organizations position themselves as experts in their field by including educational content. Still others use the Web as a way to deliver the libraries of information they are charged with distributing. These content-rich sites are our favorite projects to work on!


Online Retail (E-Commerce)

Are you interested in selling a product online? There are a variety of solutions that can help you do that. They range from micro-sites with simple, printable order forms that are ideal for single-product offerings to large, database-driven sites custom designed for large product lines that change frequently.

Solutions for Non-Secure Retail


Solutions for Secure Online Orders

Community Building

Do you work with a community of people who are geographically widely dispersed? A Web site can be used to reach the whole community and provide opportunities to interact with them or get them involved with organization activities. It can even serve as an activity in and of itself, a forum for the community to work out ideas.

  • Grief and Renewal.com
    Grief and Renewal.com is dedicated to healing the grieving and bereaved in order to renew their lives and recover from the death or other loss. On this site, psychologist Laura Slap-Shelton answers grief and bereavement questions and provides information on a wide range of related topics. Self-help and support is offered through an online grief and bereavement discussion group. An online book store and gift catalog help support the site.
  • Maine Motor Transport Association
    This very active, content-rich site provides news and information about and for the transportation industry. It is also used to promote and communicate with association membership.
  • Strive Rocks
    Strive Rocks uses its website to provide information and resources for participants in their annual dance marathon.

Product/Service Delivery (E-Business)

Some business activities lend themselves to online transactions. Obvious examples of this are software company sites that allow users to purchase and download their products. There are also sites that allow customers to access their information securely online, thereby streamlining a core business function. What customer interactions do you currently conduct offline that might work online? Let us help you explore the options!

  • MidCoast Federal Credit Union
    In addition to basic service information, MidCoast provides a variety of online account resources to its members via its web site. The site also features online loan calculators, fee and rate schedules that are updated by MidCoast staff, and online guidebooks to assist members with major purchase decisions.

CMS-Driven Sites

We have partnered with GeekTeam on several projects to combine our designs with their backend system to provide a fully customized site that our customers can maintain themselves with an easy-to-use online content management system (CMS).

  • Bates Mill Dermatology
    Brochure site for a state-of-the-art dermatology practice.
  • Maine Motor Transport Association
    This very active, content-rich site provides news and information about and for the transportation industry. It is also used to promote and communicate with association membership.
  • Franco-American Heritage Center
    This non-profit performing arts center uses the GeekTeam backend to allow FAHC staff to update the site for event promotion and box office functions.

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